Aspergers on the Inside

by Michelle Vines


– Author of the Bestselling Memoir ‘Everyday Aspergers’.

“If you want a firsthand account of autism from an actual autistic female who was diagnosed as an adult, then this delightful book is the answer. Michelle writes in an easy-to-read, airy fashion and brings the traits of a woman with Asperger’s into a pleasant light. I read Michelle’s book after receiving a complimentary copy in preparation for an interview with the author. I appreciate how Michelle has divided the book into short chapters by topic. I can quickly find a subject matter. This book is ideal for researchers and university students looking for autistic accounts, for Aspies out there searching for connection and commonalities, and for non-autistics to grasp a better understanding of a woman living with autism. Michelle explores multiple challenges and offers her insights, including employment issues, schooling, anxiety, and many other common autistic traits. What I appreciated most about Asperger’s on the Inside was that author’s voice; it was kind, honest, sincere, and comical at times. When reading the book, I felt like I was chatting with a dear friend over tea.”


– Editor in Chief at Spectrum Women Magazine.

“I have finished reading your book. I must say it was absolutely brilliant and I could relate to so much of it. It certainly made me think back to my younger days and even now & realize that I too was oblivious to some of these things. Thanks so much for writing such a heartfelt story. And I loved the way you went back and forth with the chapters…. Works completely fine with my way of thinking!”


– Popular Blogger and Book Reviewer at ‘The World As I See It’.

“Asperger’s on the Inside by Michelle Vines was an interesting book to read. When I saw one of the places I review books for was offering this book, I knew I had to get it and fit it into my schedule sooner than it would have taken me usually. I am so glad that I did because I loved everything about this book. I had to keep reading it because I wanted to know how it worked out for her and how her life turned out. I also loved that instead of just talking about her life throughout the entire book she answered questions. I am sure that it would bother some people that she jumps around but I love it because it made me understand a little bit more about how some individuals who have Autism may think. She also did an excellent job of making me understand why some people who have Autism don’t react to things right away and why that may be. I could go on for days about this book so I will leave it here. I think everyone should read this book because it was so super interesting.”