Michelle Vines

Michelle Vines was born in Liverpool, Australia and grew up in a hilly forest region of Melbourne known as the Dandenong Ranges. After showing talent in mathematics and science, Michelle was accepted into the University of Melbourne where she completed a bachelor’s degrees with honors in chemical engineering and science. Michelle then went on to work as a process engineer in the oil and gas industry and a technical leader in plastics manufacturing, before retiring to start a family in 2009.

In 2010, Michelle moved to the United States with her one-year-old son, where she had another son the following year. She gradually grew to love the town of Houston, Texas, and has chosen to remain ever since.

At thirty years old, on the advice of friends, Michelle approached a psychologist at the University of Texas Health Science Center for assessment and was officially diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome. Michelle found the diagnosis to be a huge relief, and she has since dedicated a lot of her time to advocating for people on the Autism spectrum with the goal of helping the general public better understand the Autistic person’s perspective. In 2013, she gave a public presentation on “Life as an Adult with Asperger’s Syndrome,” which has been viewed by tens of thousands of people on YouTube and has been instrumental in giving many others hope and the courage to seek out their own Asperger’s diagnosis.

In April 2016 Michelle went on to publish her own Memoir “Asperger’s on the Inside”, which takes the reader on a journey of life through the Michelle’s eyes.  The memoir is deeply honest and personal, and highly recommended reading for anyone who really wants to know how it feels to be a high functioning women on the Autism Spectrum.