Michelle Vines

Author, Speaker and Asperger's Advocate

Aspergers on the inside

“Asperger’s on the Inside” is an acutely honest and often highly entertaining memoir by Michelle Vines about life with Asperger’s Syndrome. The book follows Michelle in exploring her past and takes the reader with her on her journey to receiving and accepting her diagnosis.

Instead of rehashing widely available Asperger’s information, Michelle focuses on discussing the thoughts, feelings and ideas that go along with being an Aspie, giving us a rare peek into what it really feels like to be a person on the spectrum.

A must read for all those who enjoy deep personal stories or have a loved one on the spectrum that they wish to understand better.

So Interesting

Asperger’s on the Inside by Michelle Vines was an interesting book to read. When I saw one of the places I review books for was offering this book, I knew I had to get it and fit it into my schedule sooner than it would have taken me usually. I am so glad that I did because I loved everything about this book. I had to keep reading it because I wanted to know how it worked out for her and how her life turned out. I also loved that instead of just talking about her life throughout the entire book she answered questions. I am sure that it would bother some people that she jumps around but I love it because it made me understand a little bit more about how some individuals who have Autism may think. She also did an excellent job of making me understand why some people who have Autism don’t react to things right away and why that may be. I could go on for days about this book so I will leave it here. I think everyone should read this book because it was so super interesting.

Margaret Tidwell

Popular Reviewer and Blogger, The World As I See It


I saw a stranger on Facebook randomly post about this book, and I just so happened to be feeling impulsive. Thank God! I felt like I had read everything I could on female asperger’s until this book! This book gives you the EXPERIENCES rather than the textbook explanations. I had no idea how VITAL reading the experiences could be. I had a lot of trouble putting it down! So many stories Michelle told made clear so many of my confusing memories, and I felt myself completely uplifted by this book! Definitely required reading in Aspie literature!!


Reviewer, Amazon.com

Refreshing And Captivating Look At Asperger’s

This book very beautifully balances the informative and the interpersonal. This is as much a story of a humorous, creative, thoughtful mother, wife, and friend as much as it is practical advice to those seeking to understand their beloved spectrumites. As a fellow female on the spectrum, I could relate to much on both of these fronts. Well-written and an enjoyable read. 🙂

Paula Gomez

Blogger, Comments From The Peanut Gallery

Thanks Michelle

I really liked this book. Michelle Vines clearly sets forth how someone with Aspergers, or high-functioning autism operates in every day life. I found her style of writing easy to follow and understand, unlike the typical textbook definitions and descriptions of people on the spectrum that mostly confused and confounded me. I have a much deeper comprehension of AS in general and so much empathy for Aspies and of their struggles now. I do relate to a lot of what she is saying. While this book is useful for both men and women on the spectrum, I feel it is most helpful for women who up until now have not been recognized as being different in their manifestation of Aspergers than men. I think this parallels the history of sexism in general in the mental health profession where women were judged solely by men’s standards rather than their own. If you have wondered if you might be autistic this book may clarify your doubts and lead to a self-diagnosis or formal diagnosis by a mental health professional. Much needed book by a delightful and gifted individual!

Sylvia Plath

Reviewer, Amazon.com


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